New Zen Herbal health centre is located in Otahuhu Shopping Centre in Auckland City, at 296 Great South Road,established in 1990 by Mr. Lin (Principle of the Association of Taiwanese Buddhism) and Doctor Huang (Malaysian and now overseas), intending to let local people know some Chinese culture and give them more options on healthcare and healthy lifestyle. At that time, the local people didn't know what acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is.

At the beginning, a few people who had suffered from some medical problems for long time and hadn't got response from conventional medicine and felt desperate then came to see us to try. Now our customers come from all around New Zealand and even from other countries like Australia, Pacific Islands, and England. Because they felt got more response to traditional medicine. We can't believe most of our customers are Kiwis now.

We always refer some of our clients go to visit conventional doctors first if we think this is better options for them. At the same time more and more other practitioners refer patients to see us.

George Huang is a registered acupuncturist and TCM practitioner in NZ since 2014. He had worked as a medical doctor for 8 years in the 2nd   TCM Hospital of Guangdong Province ( TCM Hospitals in China using Traditional medicine together with modern medicine) and 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University ( one of the biggest of western medicine hospitals in China).